Learn hair transplantation at the highest level possible,

work at our private clinic in an excellent environment,
and earn thousands of euros every month!

Who are we?

HairPalace is one of the most dynamically developing private clinics in Hungary, specialized in providing treatment for foreign patients. Our clinic’s surgery rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, where excellent specialists treat our patients.

We continually improve our equipment and follow professional developments to incorporate them into our services. The number of our satisfied patients increased continuously over the years, helping us ensure the company’s strong and dynamically growing background.

Our goal is to make our mark in the field of hair transplantation globally.

The method we use

At our clinic, we use the most modern and currently the most efficient method, the FUE2 Safe System. This is an American technique that improves the hair transplantation process both for the surgeon and for the patients.

The surgeon harvests hairs one by one from the donor are and then implants them to the bald zone. A special tool prevents the doctor from cutting too deep into the scalp, ensuring that the extraction leaves the hair follicles unharmed; this way the method’s success rate is considerably higher than in the case of other techniques. The diameter of the drill used for the implantation is very small, thus hairs can be implanted closer to each other, and denser, more natural results can be achieved.

The method is minimally invasive, only local anesthesia must be administered. It is simple, easy to learn, but naturally it has its own tricks that the future hair transplant surgeons can learn only from an expert. Our Academy aims to hand over all tricks necessary to carry out successful interventions, so we not just offer a short introduction of the method, but a complete and specific 3-month training where candidates can learn the secrets of our success from our most experienced surgeons.

Who are we looking for?

You would like to work as a doctor, but you are not attracted by the world of hospitals? You are still looking for the specialization close to your heart? You adore surgery, and you have your heart set on aesthetics? You would like to earn good money, but moreover, you would also like to enjoy your job? Hair transplant can be the best decision for you!

If you have a medical degree and you would like to join our Hair Transplant Academy’s training program, apply today! If you complete the training period and successfully pass the exam, your job is guaranteed at the clinic!

International conferences and workshops

To share the most up-to-date knowledge with our Academy’s students, our experts attend several conferences and workshops every year. We are always looking for new opportunities, and we are curious about the new methods, so we are sure that you won’t learn any outdated techniques.

Working with us, you will have plenty of opportunities to improve; you can attend practical trainings and hair transplant conferences where the field’s latest innovations are introduced, allowing you to gain more confidence and knowledge.

What we offer

  • During our professional 3-month training program, we teach you a new profession, and if you pass the final exam successfully, you are guaranteed to get a job offer.
  • Working at our clinic, you can earn thousands of euros every month.
  • We appreciate our colleagues and hire them for the long term; we are counting on you in the long run too.
  • Our company is stable and financially strong, our team is young and innovative.
  • We put the newest and most modern hair transplant technology in your hands.
  • We continuously offer opportunities for professional and career development.
  • At our clinic, you can work in a European-standard work environment, with foreseeable and flexible work time.

Our core values

Join us!

If you enter the Hair Transplant Academy’s training program, you can not only learn a new profession, but you are guaranteed to get a job at our clinic. If you aspire after appreciation, a long-term job opportunity and high-quality work environment, put yourself to the test, apply today!

We put our close-knit, bright-eyed team, our professional surgery rooms and state-of-the-art equipment into your hands; moreover, we pay you an excellent salary, because we know that you still have to pay the bills while in training. In return, we only ask you to adopt our core values and be committed! Find your future at our clinic, let’s change the lives of our patients together.

The process from your application to your 1st workday:

  • ApplicationSend us your application today, we may be looking exactly for you!
  • Personal meetingGet to know us, let’s decide together if our offer is right for you!
  • Demo dayTry our method, meet our team, and spend a day at our clinic!
  • AdmissionIf the prior stages go well, you will be admitted to the Academy!
  • TrainingDuring our 3-month training you can acquire extensive knowledge in the field of hair transplantation.
  • Your 1st workdayAfter the successful completion of the training program, you’ll be offered a job at our clinic.

10+1 reasons to choose our Hair Transplant Academy!

1. One-of-a-kind institution in Europe!

Our Hair Transplant Academy is the only training facility in Europe that is specialized exclusively in the FUE2 Safe System hair transplant method, and where you can learn this technique at a real, operating clinic.

2. Acquire practical knowledge

We won’t bore you with useless academic material, you’ll receive practical knowledge that later you will use in your work every day. Our experienced trainers will guide you through the process step by step, and in the end, you will have the same extensive knowledge that they have!

3. We support and appreciate your talent!

If you are talented in FUE hair transplantation, you are guaranteed to get a job at our clinic. Forget about the stress of job hunting, and enjoy all the advantages of our clinic! We believe it is important for our colleagues to get to know and learn the newest methods, so they often attend conferences and workshops.

4. Each day you can help someone solve their problem!

The medical profession is about helping people. By changing someone’s life with each hair transplant, you can experience fulfilment too.

5. Use a globally recognized method and the most advanced techniques

We offer you a method and professional knowledge that the most modern institutions use all over the world. Our clinic is exclusive and exceptionally well-equipped, so you’ll have every tool needed during your work.

6. You can find your true calling!

Do you hesitate which field to choose? Try your hand at hair transplantation, and fall in love with a profession where your everyday goal is to realize your patients’ dream. If you have good aesthetic sense and you love precise surgeries that bring spectacular results, you can make good use of these skills at our clinic every day!

7. Build a career

You would like to find a long-term job where you are appreciated, and we would like our colleagues to stay at our clinic. And as we work for the same goals and we show mutual respect and appreciation to each other and each other’s work, we are proud to say that our colleagues have zero intention to quit!

8. You can work in a good atmosphere, in a close-knit team striving for excellence

All our colleagues are selected to fit our team to guarantee that everyone feels great! Naturally, you can meet them too, so you can decide if you would like to work with us immediately!

9. Outstanding salary, during the training too

We are fully aware that life is very expensive, so we offer excellent wages to the students of our Academy in the training period too. And if you pass your exam successfully at the end of the training, you can earn up to 2500€ from the next month!

10. Unlimited access to in-house wellness units and pool

“A healthy mind in a healthy body”, as the saying goes. So all our colleagues can use our building’s in-house wellness and pool facilities free of charge.

10+1. You can always see the results of your work

We are not a factory where doctors only meet their patients on the day of the surgery. During the check-ups you can monitor how the hairs grow back and see how your work turns out, – you can always judge the results for your own patients. We believe that this strengthens the patients’ trust, and it is a valuable experience and feedback for the doctors too.

  • Experienced, specialized trainers
  • World class hair transplant method
  • Guaranteed job offer with a salary of thousands of euros
  • Long-term career opportunity

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